Home Remedies For Burns


Home Remedies For Burns

Unlike third degree burns that require immediate medical attention, small everyday household burns are easy to handle. No matter how you burned yourself, the key to quick relief is quick relief. What you do in the first few minutes after being burned makes a whole lot of difference in how well your skin heals.

Milk is an excellent compress of minor burns. Simply soak the burned area in the milk for 15 minutes or so or apply a cloth soaked in milk to the affected area. The fat content in the milk soothes the burns and promotes healing.

After 24 hours or so, wash the burned area gently with soap and water daily. Keep the burn dry and clean and covered with bandage between washings.

Using too much of ice or extreme ice cold water can make the burn worse. Cool, not cold, water will stop the burning from spreading through your tissues and will act as a temporary painkiller.

Aloe Vera shortens the healing process. Two or three days after the burn, simply open a leaf and smear its liquid directly on the burn, the coolness of its “juice” brings welcome relief from the pain. Reapply four to six times daily, with or without a bandage covering.

Eat plenty of citrus fruits, potatoes and broccoli that are rich in vitamin C as it helps in healing process for burns and other wounds.

Like Vitamin C, vitamins A & E too speed up the healing process for burns. Green fruits and veggies, cereals and nuts are high in vitamins A & E respectively.

Apply vitamin E from capsule directly to the burn to experience faster healing and prevent scarring.

For quick recovery time and healthier skin after burns, consume foods rich in zinc.

Apply white Colgate toothpaste liberally over the wound. Keep it overnight. Next morning, there will hardly be any pain or burning sensation.

Cut potato slices and put it on the burns. The starch in the potato neutralizes the burn, pain and prevents scarring.

Honey applied over burns cools, removes pain and aids fast healing. A salve and antibiotic, bacteria’s cannot exist in honey. Cover the area with some gauze.

Lavender oil takes the sting out of the pain, speeds up the healing process and prevents scarring. First clean the burn with mild soap and water, combine lavender oil with almond or olive oil in the ratio of 1:3. Apply this mixture liberally over the burn at least 3 times a day leaving the wound uncovered.

Calendula, an antiseptic & anti-inflammatory, which is applied topically to speed healing and prevent infection.

Coat the burned skin with egg white as it helps keep the wound from drying out.

For minor burns, rub some mustard on the burned area. Despite stinging, it takes the pain away and reduces blisters and scarring.

The reader of this article should exercise all precautions while following instructions on the recipes from this article. Avoid using if you are allergic to something. The responsibility lies with the reader, not the site, and the writer.


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